What is Digital Security

What can we do in the face of attacks that target our computers, our microprocessors, our connected objects …? Guillaume Poupard, director of Anssi, wonders if we “are condemned to an unequal struggle between the sword and the shield”, within the framework of the seminar of Gérard Berry.

Cyberattack: A message asking for money on a computer hacked by a virus known as Petya.  The Petya Ransomware cyber attack hit computers of Russian and Ukrainian companies on June 27, 2017.

Cyberattack: A message asking for money on a computer hacked by a virus known as Petya. The Petya Ransomware cyber attack hit computers in Russian and Ukrainian companies on June 27, 2017. • Credit: Photo by Donate Sorokin  TASS via Getty Images – Getty

What are digital security challenges?

 Are we in a kind of Wild West? Can we know who is attacking us in the digital world? How to defend yourself? Since last week, we have been offering you the opportunity to dive into the revolution in computer science with Gérard Berry, holder of the “Algorithms, machines and languages” chair, as part of the series of courses given in 2019 under the title.

 “Where is IT going?”.

After having presented to us, in the previous course, the scientific aspects of computer security, Gérard Berry proposed to the auditors to explore this question in depth in the company of Guillaume Poupard, director-general of the National Agency for the Security of Information Systems ( ANSSI ).

Guillaume Poupard is a former student of École Polytechnique, promotion X92. Armaments engineer with a research option, he also graduated from higher education in psychology. He also holds a doctoral thesis in cryptography, carried out under the supervision of Jacques Stern at the École normale supérieure de Paris and defended in 2000. Jacques Stern was also received within the framework of Gérard Berry’s seminar. Digital security issues have been followed since the arrival of the computer scientist at the Collège de France.


The National Information Systems Security Agency (ANSSI) celebrated its tenth anniversary this year. At Le Figaro, at the beginning of June 2019, Guillaume Poupard explains:

“ANSSI was born out of the public authorities’ intuition that digital security was going to become an important subject. The least we can say is that they were not wrong! We have built a lot of things. in ten years: we now know how to detect attacks, protect ourselves from them, and react when they happen anyway. ANSSI has grown. We were 80 people at the start, we are 600 today. We have the means to achieve our ambitions. But our attackers are also few in number. It is always a race to go as fast as them, to protect the heart of our national sovereignty, our economy, our businesses, and our citizens. “

Beyond the questions asked and putting them into perspective, it is also this experience of 10 years that we will find today.

We won the amphitheater of the Collège de France on February 13, 2019, for Gérard Berry’s seminar, ” Where is IT going?” with Guillaume Poupard: Today “the challenges of digital security”

To extend:

Guillaume Poupard has published ” The French model of cybersecurity and cyber defense “, International and strategic review, vol. 110, no. 2, 2018, pp. 101-108.

In this article, the Director-General of ANSSI explains:

“cyberspace is far from being a domain like any other. For some, having no borders, it escapes national law and public action, on the one hand, because of its partly intangible nature, and on the other hand because of its global presence and its sharing by the whole of humanity, like the oceans. Yet if, in 1982, the United Nations succeeded in bringing together the notions of territorial waters and waters international borders, the borders of the digital space still have to be understood. debates around cooperation between States in the digital age and defense mechanisms, even a response to be imagined at the national and international levels. “

Portrait of Guillaume Poupard, in Le Journal du Net: Guillaume Poupard (ANSSI), the cryptographer who reigns over cybersecurity in France

In the video of Gérard Berry’s seminar with Guillaume Poupard, a number of resources are cited including the   GUIDE TO GOOD COMPUTING PRACTICES, 12 essential rules for securing your digital equipment (CPME-ANSSI).

ANSSI (National Information Systems Security Agency) is submitting its annual report for the year 2018.

Its managing director, Guillaume Poupard, is the guest of Alexandra Bensaid at 7:50 am: “Between states, the war of the future will partly be fought on the Internet”




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