Discover vulnerabilities or potential threats

Measure and monitor the status of security checks

Understand how to allocate resources to eliminate potential threats

Generate a gap analysis aimed at strategically eliminating risks as a priority

Penetration Testing Services
penetration testing services in lahore

What is a penetration test?

Penetration testing designed to test a system, network, or web application in order to detect gaps or vulnerabilities that could be exploited by an attacker or a hacker.

Penetration testing is critical to clearly understanding an organization’s security gaps, the impact if those gaps are exploited during an attack, and a clear, prioritized risk-based plan to address vulnerabilities quickly and effectively.

Penetration testing can involve parts of an organization’s environment or its entire environment. They can take advantage of “hat” or “black hat” hackers and can be carried out manually or almost entirely with automated tools.

Best Penetration Testing Services

The benefits of Cyberwing
Penetration Testing Service

Penetration testing provides a basic assessment of potential threats to start reducing the overall risk in your environment in a structured and effective way. Basically, a pentest provides a list of vulnerabilities, a list of assets associated with the vulnerabilities, and more importantly, the risk associated with the specific vulnerability.

Our periodic service provides:

  1. A list of assets or systems associated with the vulnerabilities
  2. A list of vulnerabilities discovered by a skilled ethical hacker
  3. The risk score associated with the asset
  4. A plan to manage or eliminate risk to reduce your organization’s overall risk
Penetration Testing Services in Lahore
Best Penetration Testing Services

Difference between penetration testing
and vulnerability assessments

To improve your security posture, should you start with a penetration test, a vulnerability assessment, or do both?

The answer is that both of these solutions should be part of a threat and vulnerability management program because they have unique advantages. However, penetration tests simulate the actions of an attacker as the vulnerability assessment catalogs assets, assigns a value to those assets, identifies vulnerabilities, and prioritizes remediation or treatment of those vulnerabilities.

It makes sense to lay the groundwork to improve your security program with a vulnerability assessment, then tests the newly fortified defense with a penetration test to ultimately create an ongoing process that integrates the two services.

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